Mad About March!

There’s a wocket in my pocket, Dr. Seuss!


To give some background on our March theme, March 2nd is Read Across America day or more commonly known as Dr. Seuss' birthday. Don't we all wish we could celebrate our birthdays for longer than just one day? Well, we can, and we did! In honor of Dr. Seuss , each week we picked a new book to base our activities on and ended the week dressed to impress with the instating of Silly Thursdays! We can always count on Dr. Seuss books to invite super silly, tongue twisting,  ridiculous rhyming and amazingly amusing learning experiences! I'm so happy that most of the ladybugs were already familiar and had an interest in these stories. Some friends even joined me in reading out loud! Whatever your style may be, I think we can all agree these books are splendidly entertaining and have great underlying messages such as acceptance, inclusiveness, identity, and the power of imagination just to name a few!


We kicked off our month with the sneaky and self-proclaimed "dangerous" book "Fox in Socks" to put our tongues to the test. If there's one thing that's certain we have officially become rhyming masters! As you may know, the book features a plethora of rhyming pairs on each page. We spent so much time sorting out rhymes! Rhyming and rhythm is the basis of our circle songs, chants and other preschool reminders. We were ready for the task!

 Socks were another theme we tried on this week. Did you ever think such a mundane item could be so educational? Welcome to Ladybug! We explored some funky socks that "Fox" left behind and helped sort them by color, pattern, and size. We counted up all these pairs to make it into a multi-faceted math lesson!


Our next book selection  was none other than "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss. Though extra silly, this book has a wonderful message about finally letting our guards down and trying something new. You never know- you might love it! We brought in some real spatulas and sorted letters onto corresponding plates with this new and exciting tool. This activity brought about teamwork when we actually flipped eggs back and forth on our pans!


Though we placed emphasis on the color green, we couldn’t help but include all the colors to marvel at their individual and unified beauty. Check out our rainbow art and colorful science experiments using milk, dish soap, and food dye!

IMG_3541 2.jpg

Everything comes full shamrock- I mean circle. After a shamrock hunt, in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, we cracked up some green eggs just like Sam-I-Am! I loved watching the ladybugs eyeball the concoction with doubt, disbelief, and for some a hearty appetite! It's so funny how color can effect our palette, but it definitely makes eating all the more interesting!


We also spent time with the infamous "Cat in the Hat". We love the mischievous nature of the book and the creativity we can apply here in preschool! This book was the inspiration for our silly hat day, name practice, rhyming pair games, Thing 1 and Thing 2 art, as well as our take on a popular party game “pin the hat on the cat”. Everyday is a party in preschool!


“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” has an abundance of crazy creatures but we decided to make the most of the title. We graphed, sorted, munched, and even FISHED during our wacky homage to this story. What a delicious and playful way to spend the day!


Other sub-units included March’s ever changing weather patterns and analogous “in like a lion, out like a lamb” saying. We loved “roaring” and “baa-ing” back and forth while marching to the beat! We also took time out to celebrate “International Women’s Day” and the Spring Equinox! Goodbye snow, goodbye sled, goodbye winter - spring’s ahead!


Time flies when you are having fun. See you all in April!