April Cycles

Welcome spring!

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We are so excited to be experiencing this delightful shift in weather, even in times of not-so pleasant April showers. We are reminded that for all the storm clouds and rain droplets, lush life in nature is on the way. Plants, flowers, and butterflies are soon to adorn our preschool!

To mirror our ever-changing growth and development, we started the month out focusing on metamorphosis and the life cycle of a butterfly! Nothing says spring like the dance of a bright and cheerful butterfly in search of a sweet flower. I was thrilled to hear that during our discussion a lot of ladybugs knew about the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly. We honed in on some specifics like the cycle stages, symmetry, and other fun facts!

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Busy as a butterfly! Take a look at all of our fabulous and fluttery adventures!

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We loved learning a brand new word this mont which we quickly mastered. We tackled the meaning behind symmetry! Symmetry is hidden all over our world, how did we not pick up on this concept before? We studied symmetry in insects, humans, numbers, letters, and shapes! It was a piece of (symmetrical) cake!

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At the end of butterfly week tended to our very own (indoor) butterfly garden. We planted seeds into pots while a plethora of butterfly species laid about the plants left over from our compost bin. We can't wait for real butterflies to make their way into our sprouting greenhouse








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In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we learned all about what it means to recycle and help our planet Earth. We were introduced to "Wasteful Wally", a friend who was so quick to toss recyclable items like plastic and paper into the trash! We respectfully corrected this behavior and taught him a lesson all about recycling! Now we can call him "Wonderful Wally!

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We see recycled materials every day, but we never realized how valuable they could be in sensory exploration play! We paired plastics, papers, and metals with some shredded paper and couldn't walk away. Here are some other down to Earth activities. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!







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Water, water, everywhere! "Drippy" the raindrop engaged us a watered down version of the water cycle, and it was a wet and wild ride! Some ladybugs pointed out how this fit right in with our theme of recycling being that water is reused over and over again. We didn't focus too much on those fancily-worded stages but more so on the sequence and actions that allow the water to cycle! Take a look at our circle time helpers truly embracing their roles!

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With such a wash at the end of the month, we knew we'd need one essential item to get us through. We created a unit within a featuring umbrellas! Here we are unifying to create the letter "U". When it rains, it pours fun! 

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The sensory table proved to be very useful in our very own rain cloud experiment. We took dry cotton balls and saturated them in our "rain" bucket. This allowed the cotton balls to take on a new color and consistency! We loved the sensation of squeezing and wringing out the clouds to create puddles and other examples of accumulation. We tested out how many times we needed to dip our cotton balls in order to fill our bowls with the rain water! Not only did this satisfy our need for sensory play; it was also super fun! We also learned water is an awesome element to help lead investigations and carry out science experiments! Our raincloud jar showed us that clouds break under pressure when they get heavy and full of water. We also enjoyed a delicious snack featuring fluffy clouds and bright blue rain droplets. We don't mind some raindrops after all!


See everyone next week, in MAY!