Falling Into October



We spent the past month picking precious pumpkins, analyzing appetizing apples, and looking at lovely leaves! Who knew fall could bring such a wealth of educational areas all within these anything but average autumn aesthetics!


We jumped right into Week 1 with the ever so sweet apple. We used apples as a form of measurement as well as to exercise our taste buds with a blind taste test. The process was a blast and the ladybugs couldn’t wait for their turn to guess which apple they were chomping. We brought this activity back to a circle time discussion where we had voted on our favorite apples. It’s so much fun to revisit their previous answers and reform thinking due to a new perspective! We also placed focused on letter “A”, had our hand at admirable apple art, and even went forth with “urban” apple picking. Picking out your own apple comes with great responsibility, we held onto these apples all week and used them for name recognition, building and stacking, and the infamous experiment “What do you think, will it float or sink?” This questions always has the best follow up responses and really gets our brains bouncing!


We followed up with a leaf study thanks to mother nature’s glorious display. This everyday sight turned into a preschool treasure! We were picking up leaves on the regular to categorize, sort, and color coordinate. We made some other un-be-leaf-able conclusions about leaves which reinforced colors, shapes, and textures. We were encouraged to find otherwise hidden veins and spines under the illumination of our light table, explore negative space using paint, work with leaf shading, and delve into sensory exploration with our fall themed bin. The leaf works of art blew me away! We learned special songs that had us dancing in the breeze and floating through trees. Lucky for us we’re still experiencing fall foliage and still learning every day!


Pumpkins and Fall seem to go stem in hand. We dug into another study and recorded our findings in our very scientific Pumpkin Journals! Like apples, we picked our own pumpkins and held onto them for a week of learning. We ventured out and formed a fruitful bond for the rest of the week! The "pumpkin patch" was a great way to kick off our pumpkin study and pique our interest in this festive staple! After investigating, we even brought out rulers to apply a value to the strings that we strew across the mini pumpkins. We even compared apples and pumpkins from our previous knowledge during circle time discussions. After much anticipation, it was finally time to cut open the class pumpkin. What would be in there? Ice? Worms? Goo? We took to the sensory bin to really get the scoop on this fine fall fruit and of course added some extra textures to mix with our newfound seeds! Pumpkin slime anyone?

IMG_9542 2.jpg

Without further ado, it was time to celebrate the most sought after holiday of our school year! You may have heard our calendar rhyme citing “it’s now Halloween”, but I stood corrected every day until our countdown was finally over! Check out all the Halloween fun complete with ghosts, witches, bats, spiders, and none other than the infamous SpOoKy LaDyBuG! That silly bug got an earful after the preschoolers told her to stop the funny business! We secretly couldn’t wait for our next classroom scare…


Our Halloween party was such a success! Thanks for joining us on the frightful night!


Thanks for reading! See you next month in November!