Happy Campers




Welcome back! With summer on the mind, we are tackling the basics and skimming the surface of outdoor camping. Our newly learned skill set is sure to have our campfire roaring!








Nothing like that cozy feeling of cuddling up and watching the fire dance while sitting around those you love. We recreated this scenario in our circle time and I wish we had done it sooner! This pretend play sparked such a warm feeling throughout our circle and got us in the mood for marshmallows and a story as well. Ready, aim, fire!

Fiery artwork to go along with our new camping skill!

Farmer Corey gave us our first spring peek at our sorely missed Transit Garden. My how things have changed! Strawberries, fresh herbs, creepy crawlies, and even greens for the tasting! We all took note of the drastic change that had occurred in comparison to those colder months, but the trip was totally worth the wait! We captured bugs in our magnification bug boxes and of course got in a game of hide and seek. We are so thankful for these unforgettable trips to this blissful spot!



Back to our campsite...


We can't go camping without the most delicious and stickylicious staple, marshmallows! We started out with a s'mores recipe that had us craving the real thing! After that, we brought in real marshmallows for an alternative game of toss and also used them to make interesting letter puzzles. I was so proud to see friends stacking their names on their sticks! We may have sneaked a couple in after our work was done! Keep reading to see the proof!





We found a new Olympic sport area, the ever challenging marshmallow toss!

Nothing like stacking up some marshmallows on a newly picked stick. We added a simple twist by writing letters on each side and the task ensued! The ladybugs were challenged to piece together their names and come up with other words they may know. Too bad the end result wasn't a melty roasted snack!

Animal prints and stick writing! Two other traits we have mastered for fun in the wild! 

Always action packed here at preschool. Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday!

- Erica