A Farewell Post

We have made it to the last day of school! 



We've mastered our ABC's, received our green thumb degrees, explored through play, and held a new job each day.

We've learned to write our names and take turns during playful games.

We understand new concepts in math, and have advanced in arts and crafts.

We love our new yoga poses, and always stop to smell the roses.

We've danced about the room to musical sounds, and love when a new pop-up shop comes to town.

We've skated on an icy rink, and found leprechaun traces in our sink!

We've checked in at the airport gates, and during cooking projects we always clear our plates.

We've created valentines, memorized Dr. Seuss rhymes, milked a cow, and to our Sensei we bow.

We've sheared a sheep, have taken great leaps, used our 5 senses, and analyzed through magnified lenses.

We've sequenced new stories and basked in our greenhouse's glory.

We've made the best of friends always there for a hug, and we'll never forget our beginnings at Ladybug!



Thank you all for an incredible first year. Most of all, thank you for sharing your child with me. I hope your summer is full of laughter, learning, and love. Come visit soon!

With love,