To The Rescue!

BAM! POW! We finished up a super 4 day week celebrating a new incredible tradition! We all felt empowered as we came to school dressed as superheroes! Whether it was a trademarked recreation or a totally unique character, we banded together to save the day. We even had special guest Spiderman make a surprise visit! The lesson of the day was that big or small, human or not, we can all carry out heroic traits by doing good in the world. There's a superhero within all of us, always remember that!

Gone fishin'! Fishing for seashells at the bottom of our sensory table! This activity functioned as a math lesson in size comparison and sorting. It was also fun to get hands on just before the summer sun leads us to the beach! 

We are word making, flower painting preschoolers! We didn't want our gorgeous flower displays to go to waste, so we made some nature prints! These amazing pieces could have been on display in a modern art museum, but they fit right in in our own Ladybug Preschool gallery.  We also used our creation station to formulate words that reminded us of summer. Anyone in the mood for a popsicle?



With June under way, I couldn't wait to introduce our new upcoming unit. The ladybugs and I are so excited to embark on a camping trip! We started working on our tent pitching skills already. Excellent work my little campers!

See you all on Monday for even more camping fun!