Bugging Out!

Back in early April we spent some time on the life cycle of one of the first and telltale signs of spring, the butterfly! Here we are ending May with even warmer weather still making it's way. With this new rise in temps, we can't help but notice more and more friends of the butterfly are coming out to play. Many preschoolers have even been mentioned some new six-legged intruders in their homes: ants! We couldn't neglect these interesting insects and decided to educate ourselves on their purpose rather than judging them for their creepy and crawly ways. We are so glad we spent time getting to know them, they turned out to be awesome!


First came the planting of flowers, and then came the bees! Farmer Corey made a huge buzz when he brought in some real hives from his farm and (lifeless) bees for hands on exploration. We learned all about how hard these bees work to produce the honey within the hives. We have a newfound appreciation for the importance of these creatures, and can now understand the term busy bees!

We took to play dough and other manipulatives to mold our own creepy crawlies. The bright colors and cute features make them a little more appealing, wouldn't you say?

One thing bugs are good at is leaving a trail behind. We made some bug prints with gorgeous colors to see what kind of trace each individual bug made! The butterflies came out stunning!


What's more fun than building insects? Becoming one! We studied the movements of so many different bugs that we felt it was only right to demonstrate using our bodies. Check us out as we brave a tunnel as one long caterpillar!

By the end of the week we were feeling very patriotic. Many friends thought we had just a regular vacation day on Monday, but I wanted to go over the meaning behind this much deeper American holiday. We spoke in circle time all about honoring those that keep our country safe. What would you say to thank a soldier for their service? Writing a group letter felt like the best way to get our thoughts in order. We even signed our names at the end! 

As you know I am a big fan of having the ladybugs create their own booklets as a form of meaningful understanding. Once complete, the children can reread the story about Memorial Day and feel a sense of pride that they contributed to the book. We also made windsocks that resembled the American flag to blow in the breeze during our 3 day weekend!

What a great week. See you on Tuesday May 30th!