Animal Instincts

Welcome back! After celebrating Mommy for a whole week long, we looked into some other mother/baby relationships found in nature! We matched, mixed, imitated, and even melted this week to learn all about some specific animals. All we were missing were the real animals themselves!

Circle time resulted in some amazing teamwork through parent/offspring matches. We even snuck in some unintended yet silly vocabulary. The ladybugs were quite amused by the term "kid" for baby goat to name just one!

There may not be a large discrepancy between baby and parent, but Farmer Corey brought in some wiggly worms for us to be the judge! Worm watching is our new favorite sport! We could spend the day just observing their movements, habitats, and individualistic traits. Like any good analyst, we drew pictures resembling all things we noticed. So true to form! 

Another point of study this week lead us to cracking down on oviparous animals, or animals that hatch from eggs. I was thrilled to hear that a lot of our preschoolers could already list off animals such as birds, alligators, and of course velociraptors. With the help of our new favorite hide and peek book "Who's Hatching?", we learned about a couple new oviparous animals we hadn't thought about yet! This helped us compare and contrast hatchling animals vs. non. Ask your preschooler to categorize these two classifications, because we are now experts!

This week we took to our sensory table for some seriously cool science. We know dinosaurs are no longer alive, but that doesn't stop our fascination with them! Thus we tied them into our unit with this egg-cellent sensory activity involving excavation. Our archaeologists had to figure out a way to melt the baby dinosaurs so they could hatch from their icy eggs. We came up with squeezing warm water through droppers, using heat from our hands and breath, and even chipping away with some tools! We ultimately discovered the best method was to vigorously stir the egg in a bowl of warm water and patiently wait. It felt great to uncover the baby dinosaur and watch it hatch, it was almost like a proud parent moment for us! We quickly united the Mommy and baby dino by matching their traits. This was a mega hit!

It's official, we are in for a very hot finish! We splashed all week long in our backyard under the hose and through the bombardment of water balloons!

Fridays are so FLOWERS! We were treated to a gorgeous spread of blooming flowers thanks to a ladybug parent who wanted to share with us the craft and techniques behind floral arrangements. To better understand our task at hand, we learned the names and what it takes for these flowers to grow so big and beautiful. Then we began to assemble! The outcomes of these hand-picked pieces were absolutely stunning. The ladybugs put in hard work by pouring, choosing, positioning, and lacing up these one of a kind bouquets. Impressive work little florists! Thanks again to our parent helper for this breathtaking lesson!


Thanks for reading! Have a terrific weekend and see you all on Monday!