Mother's Week!









What a wonderful week of learning through love! This week highlighted one of the most influential and deeply appreciated women in our world, Mommy. With so much reflection taking place as we near the end of our first preschool year, we felt it was appropriate to spend an entire week to lead up to that one special day. This one is dedicated to you Mommies!









Our memorable circle time discussions drove us to the realization that each relationship we hold with our mother is unique and special. We outlined some specific things we like to do with our moms with a game of charades! We tried our best to act out the pictures that were drawn from a bucket. These actions gave us the inspiration for our personal handmade cards and gifts we crafted all week long!

Egocentric preschoolers get a bad rep! This week we weren't just thinking about our own Mommies but we began to understand that Mothers come in all different forms, shapes, sizes, and species! We participated in a cut and paste animal-Mommy matchup. It was so much fun to match the adorable babies to their loving Mothers. We even learned some new vocabulary words in the process!

Mother's Day isn't complete without some floral fun. We made breathtaking bouquets with our  lovely Mommies in mind. I love the simplicity of the craft yet how intricate and entangled the colors appear! After we spritzed the flowers, we thought it would be fun to spritz ourselves under the misty spray of our backyard house. Shower the flowers, then shower the ladybugs! 

We now understand being a Mother is a huge balancing act. We put our balance to the test with our specialists this week through, yoga, karate, music, and play! 

We spent the entire week writing, discussing, acting, and fully engaging in how much our Mommies mean to us. We felt confident that our craft and card would convey our unconditional love and appreciation for the person who helps shapes us into who we are! Here you are, Mommy!

Have an exceptional Mother's Day with your ladybug!