All Things Spring!




Welcome April! We are so excited to be experiencing real spring weather, even in times of not-so pleasant April showers. We are reminded that for all the storm clouds and rain droplets, lush life in nature is on the way. Plants, flowers, and butterflies are soon to adorn our preschool!

To mirror our ever-changing growth and evolution, we focused in on metamorphosis and the life cycle of a butterfly! Nothing says spring like the dance of a bright and cheerful butterfly in search of a sweet flower. I was thrilled to hear that during our discussion a lot of ladybugs knew about the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly. We honed in on some specifics like the cycle stages, symmetry, and other fun facts!



We provided vivid colors to the illustrations of our homemade butterfly life cycle books. We also matched uppercase and lowercase letters on symmetrical sets of wings. How cute are our fuzzy little caterpillars?

Animals are always on the mind when we think of spring. Sensei John, Teacher April, and Teacher Cassie brought about the animal within all of us during their special lessons! Watch us roar, soar, hop and flop around the classroom!

We loved learning a brand new word this week which we quickly and effortlessly mastered. We tackled the meaning behind symmetry! Symmetry is hidden all over our world, how did we not pick up on this concept before? We studied symmetry in insects, humans, letters, and shapes! It was a piece of (symmetrical) cake! 

We love a good game. This week we served as the game pieces during a life size rendering of "Life" (cycle). Each box of the board game depicted a certain stage of metamorphosis. We bounced along the board and called out each stage in succession. The only rule of this game was to have fun!

At the end of the week tended to our very own (indoor) butterfly garden. We planted seeds into pots while a plethora of butterfly species laid about the plants left over from our compost bin. We can't wait for real butterflies to make their way into our sprouting greenhouse! 

I can't believe that next week is Spring Break already! Remember we will be remaining open for an optional garden week full of outdoor play and all things spring! See you there!

Keep soaring,