Rain, Rain, Won't You Stay?






I hope you dried off from our drizzly week! Here at preschool we were soaked in fun learning all about rain, the water cycle, and much more! Once we understood how essential water is to every living thing and our daily lives, we decided we didn't mind some raindrops after all!







"Drippy" the raindrop engaged us a watered down version of the water cycle! Some ladybugs pointed out how this fit right in with our theme of recycling being that water is reused over and over again. We didn't focus too much on those fancily-worded stages but more so on the sequence and actions that allow the water to cycle! Take a look at our circle time helpers truly embracing their roles!

Our crafts from the week surely helped reinforce this topic in fashion friendly ways! Our headband crowns kept our mind on the cyclical motion of the stages, while our color coded bracelets helped us remember exactly what steps and natural elements are involved. Sun, clouds, rain, trees, it's all there to help us recycle our precious water! 

Water, water, everywhere! The sensory table proved to be very useful in our very own rain cloud experiment. We took dry cotton balls and saturated them in our "rain" bucket. This allowed the cotton balls to take on a new color and consistency! We loved the sensation of squeezing and wringing out the clouds to create puddles and other examples of accumulation. We tested out how many times we needed to dip our cotton balls in order to fill our bowls with the rain water! Not only did this satisfy our need for sensory play; it was also super fun!

Farmer Corey emphasized our need for rain by bringing us some garden-ready and edible seeds! After we sorted and explored, we realized we couldn't put down these noisy, shaky seeds! Farmer Corey detected our love of sensory and had the innovative idea to build seed shakers. A musical parade in our circle ensued! Once the shaking subsided, we put together some seed collages. I couldn't help but admire how far we've come with our fine motor skills and other artistic aspects.These pieces came out beautiful!

Out of the darkness comes light! Here we are at the sensory table taking advantage of the stormy and sun-less weather. We made so many different observations about color mixing against the glow of the light table. This was completely student lead and all observations were reported back to the teachers. Amazing!

With such a wash of a week, we knew we'd need one essential item to get us through. We created a unit within a featuring umbrellas! We spent some time on the letter "U", designed some of our own pieces, and even made an interesting addition to hide-and-seek (more like dry-and-seek!)

Friday was made for feasting! We were treated to some deliciously sweet rain clouds and rain drops for afternoon snack. Many of our drops experienced evaporation right away as our ladybugs dipped them into the clouds for extra sweetness!

After a long week we're ready to slide into the weekend. See you all next week, in MAY!

Take care,