Going Green!






Welcome back ladybugs! Hope you had a wonderful Spring Break and are coming back with even more spring in your step! 






In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we learned all about what it means to recycle and help our planet Earth. We were introduced to "Wasteful Wally" who was so quick to toss recyclable items like plastic and paper into the trash! We respectfully corrected this behavior and taught him a lesson all about recycling! Now we can call him "Wonderful Wally!"

With all of this talk of the green Earth, we were so fortunate to welcome Farmer Corey into our Ladybug Family this week! He picked up right where we left off and was sure to incorporate everything we love! We made fashion forward seed necklaces with 3 different types of seeds. The cotton balls help the seeds to germinate and produce a plant. Keep an eye on your living necklace for signs of sprouting!

Here are some other down to earth activities from our week!

Since we weren't able to fully experience the holidays at school, we created our own fun with the "LadyBu(g)nny". This sly creature hid familiar eggs all over our backyard, which prompted us to indulge in some challenging and physical obstacle courses! Thanks for the idea Ladybugnny!

We see recycled materials every day, but we never realized how valuable they could be in sensory exploration play! We paired plastics, papers, and metals with some play rice and couldn't walk away. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

I love ending the week on a colorful note. Have a great weekend embracing Earth Day!

Stay green,