What Does the Fox (in socks) Say?

We had another seusstastical week full of snickering sneetches, whimsical wockets, and fully dressed foxes! We centered our theme around the sneaky and self-proclaimed "dangerous" book "Fox in Socks" to put our tongues to the test. If there's one thing that's certain we have officially become rhyming masters! I also apologize (but not really) for the surging spike in silliness since we started this unit- but we just can't help it! Dr. Seuss is one silly goose!




As you may know, the book features a plethora of rhyming pairs on each page. We took some of the items mentioned and sorted out which ones could make it into our box- but the catch was the pictures had to all rhyme! Rhyming and rhythm is the basis of our circle songs, chants and other preschool reminders. Without rhymes in school, it wouldn't be as cool! :)








Socks were another theme we tried on this week. Did you ever think such a trivial item could be so educational? Welcome to Ladybug! We explored some funky socks that "Fox" left behind and helped sort them by color, pattern, and size. We counted up all these pairs to make it into a multi-faceted math lesson!

We also used clothes pins to represent numbers with some tricky fox manipulatives. Once we got over the "ouch" factor of pinching, we couldn't stop pinning!

We love graphing, especially when the topic is something that relates directly to us. As you may know we are one fancy class, from our ball gowns to our light-up shoes, but we can't forget about our stylish socks! We graphed our favorite kind of socks to wear, and even had a small modeling exhibition!

We also practiced the alphabet, colors, and sizes when "Fox" came to visit us on the felt board. "Who took the socks from the fox's drawer? Was it you? Who me? Yes you. Couldn't be. Then who?"

We took a break from all things socks to pick back up with our beloved hobby of gardening. When winter gives you soil, bring it inside and plant! Take a look at our adventures with Farmer Fred- indoor edition!

March surely roars in like a lion. We got a blast of snowfall on Friday that we couldn't overlook. It was really coming down, so we decided to look up. We've had a lot of practice in the area of snowflake catching, and we even added magnifying glasses to the mix!

What a stark contrast to just the day before when we were basking in the sun's rays and almost 60 degree weather. Ladybug's are very resilient, we'll all float on! 

Have an amazing weekend! See you next week <3