One Fish, Two Fish, Welcome New Fish!

Out of the snow and into the sunshine! We thawed out some fun fishies to celebrate the first week of spring. I cannot believe how fast the year has gone by thus far, thank you for your participation with conferences and marveling alongside with me at how much our ladybugs have grown!



One fish, two fish, and a few new friends! We took to this age old Dr. Seuss classic that outlines the humorous stories of all different animals and creatures complete with the enchanted wonder and tongue-twisting wordplay. This was a perfect tale to support the introduction of our "old fish" meeting our "new fish". Through different adjectives, illustrations, and depictions we learn that we are all different in many distinctive aspects. We also learn to accept people for their differences- not despite them. Quirks, oddities, features, and interests- that's what makes us so special here at Ladybug Preschool!




Here are some fishy activities from our week, complete with our very own fishing trip!


New faces galore! This week we were lucky enough to meet the wonderful community helpers who keep our smiles bright and happy- the dentist! This was an excellent lesson that enriched our daily and habitual routine in a fun and meaningful way. We learned about healthy food and sad foods, how to brush our teeth the proper way, and even got to play dress up! The dentist sure is sweet!

We ended the week with some more amigas nuevas. A Spanish speaking duo came to dance, act, sing, and all around surprise us with their synchronized and seriously entertaining performance! Although some of the words may have sounded like Dr. Seuss gibberish at first, a lot of the words were recognizable and muy useful! We were repeating them all the way up until the end of the day! Language is another beautiful and exciting characteristic that makes us different!


We counted by "ones and twos" all through the week, and by Friday it was time to focus on the "red fish, blue fish" portion of our book. We hosted a red and blue day with some super colorful activities. At the science center we investigated which primary colors we could mix to make other colors! The sensory table was a red and blue paradise with some seriously squishy sand. We also had a tracing station set up honoring our red and blue theme which proved to be so much fun. During our scavenger hunt we only had 2 colors on the mind! Thanks for a wonderful week and I will see you all on Monday!