A Week in the Life of a Ladybug

Congratulations on our first week of preschool! I hope your preschooler filled you in day by day with details of all the amazing activities, learning experiences, and friendships from this week, but if not- I'll always update you here!  

We spent all week implementing our daily routine and integrating school policies. Your child played an ample part in contributing to our set of classroom rules and making for a positive school environment. Here is the contract your child signed affirming they will carry out these customs (in preschool proclamation form, of course. 



Your child is also a working member of (preschool) society now! Each morning they are assigned a different job and remain the helper in that field for the rest of the day. They are really taking a liking to having designated roles around the room and take great pride in these responsible actions. Ask your child about some of the jobs they held this week! 

Preschool is full of surprises- this week we had 2 in the form of guests! Lucky for us they will soon be staples in your child's school year with weekly visits. Introducing Teac her Cassie and Farmer Fred!  



Teacher Cassie introduces us to fun preschool songs while incorporating actions and movements. We just can't sit still when she plays the ukulele, it's so exciting! Soon we will know all the words and be able to sing together in harmony. This week she taught us about a musical rest, kind of like what we do after lunchtime! We used egg shakers to demonstrate this, shaking to the beat and then freezing in silence. Resting isn't so bad after all! 




Farmer Fred is the green thumb behind this operation. By the end of our year we will have a fully grown garden producing delicious vegetables. For now we are in the beginning stages of growing sugar snap peas and baby carrots. We had a blast digging in the soil and making friends with roly poly bugs. Farmer Fred taught us all about what a plant needs to grow and how to keep it healthy. Ask your child about how the bugs help too! 



We concluded with our "Color of the Week" celebration. We made personalized headbands and a custom banner for our parade around the room. Through scavenger hunts, books, and tons of play we can now recognize blue anywhere in any setting! Onto a new theme next week!

Please check our Instagram page @ladybugplaygroup for many more pictures of us day to day. Contact me here or via email for any more information/questions. Have a wonderful weekend Ladybugs!