Community Brings Us Together

Happy Friday everyone! September is officially a wrap. We've spent a full month getting to know each other through the use of our themes starting with school culture, all about me, and family. This week our unit was culminated with the bigger picture- our community. You've all done a wonderful job familiarizing our ladybugs with their surroundings- it's been proven from all the thoughtful and intriguing discussions we've had this week! 

We spent our circle time generating lists and going over some of the members in our community. This list seemed never ending some days! We also made crafts and sang songs to deepen our understanding of the roles these community helpers play. Dressing up has always been one of our favorite things so we were very happy to incorporate it. We had a full house of doctors, firefighters, construction workers, and many more!

Aside from understanding our community helpers, it is also important to use that we know locations in our community. We took time to map out different areas and settings on both small and large scales. How appropriate is it to take part in communal art while talking about community? 

We saw many community helpers and community settings in our library book "Tap, Tap, Boom, Boom"

We saw many community helpers and community settings in our library book "Tap, Tap, Boom, Boom"

We concluded our week with our community Farmer, Fred. The children of course could describe his role in full detail! We made awesome soil paintings as an art project with some glue, water, and of course soil. This combined 2 of our favorite pastimes, art and mess! We also had a greenhouse tour to check on our parsley, kale, carrots, and other herbs. We are harvesting mint root thanks to Farmer Fred, our school will soon be smelling minty fresh!

ff 1.jpg

We also had a very special birthday treat to celebrate a ladybug who is turning 3 years old! This was an amazing hands on activity to the point where we could not put our "slime" down. Everyone was sent home with a goodie bag for some extra fun but I've also provided the link here if you'd like to create or learn more Thank you so much to Ms. Tammy for showing us this sensational slime!

I've enjoyed every bit of our first month of preschool together. For our next venture it will be all things fall- leaves, apples, pumpkins, and of course Halloween! Thanks so much for all your support. See you next week!

Take Care,