If You're Happy and You Know It!

What a successful 2nd week of school! I am getting to know your preschooler more and more each day, and with the help of our “All About Me” theme we really kicked things into high gear. Throughout this week we discussed our emotions and feelings, assessed similarities and differences in our physical attributes as well as our likes and dislikes, and tied in name recognition and the letters that form our names. All in all we had a quite a busy week full of meaningful and memorable learning experiences.

Your preschooler has many talents, and now we can say fine art is one of them! With the help of songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”, “The Hokey Pokey”, and books like “Head to Toe” we went over our features and body parts so that we could recreate them using different artistic mediums. First we took to the outdoors and used chalk to outline our shadows, that was such an interesting and new perspective! Play dough mats also helped us set the framework of our bodies so we could add on features and facial components. We "played" with our emotions by switching up the shape of the mouth to create a sad or happy face.  All of this lead us to our final project of a self portrait collage! Take a look below to see our display wall. It also exhibits our tactile letters of our names!

This week we created happy/sad puppets to elicit emotions during a whole group story. Our ladybugs were spot on when detecting the character’s state of being with either a happy or sad face portrayal. During math, graphing "What Makes Us Happy" helped us make distinctions and correlations with numbers too! Our feelings were also engaged during a game of “duck, duck, goose”, which we swapped out words for emotions or letters. Try a game of “sad, mad, HAPPY” while having each player exemplify the spoken expression, or picking the “magic letter” amidst calling out the alphabet in your own version!

Something new and exciting this week was the unveiling of our sensory table! We ravaged through to find an abundance of hidden letters! Working as a team with tools such as scoopers and magnifying glasses allowed us to uncover all those sneaky letters beneath the rubble! Boy did we have fun making a mess :)

School wouldn't be the same without our lovely specialists Teacher April, Teacher Cassie, and Farmer Fred. We are so grateful they come to share their craft with us!  Ask your child some of the interesting things they learned from them this week! Check for more pictures on our Instagram page @ladybugplaygroup. Next week we will be exploring our families!