A Look Into Our First Week...


Hello Families!

Thank you for a successful Welcome Playgroups event! Your participation means a lot to me and will continue to benefit everyone throughout the year. It was so nice to see smiling faces, essential interactions, and joyous playing in our new home away from home.

              Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, look who's in our room!

              Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, look who's in our room!

This upcoming week's theme will be - you guessed it- Welcome to School! We will spend time learning school vocabulary, forming relationships, contributing to the classroom environment, all the while adjusting to daily routine and customary school conduct. During this time Ms. Lena and I will be reinforcing positive behavior models and setting expectations that go hand in hand with the structure of our day. All in all we want our students to feel comfortable and at ease so that we can maximize learning, fun, and personal growth!

    The month of September is planned around our conceptual theme of Community. In the next few weeks we will be exploring our school community, our sense of self and the role we play in these different environments, our families, and our outside community as a whole. Your preschooler is an exceptional member of all of these diverse communities and we want them to know that! To us, building self esteem and assigning appropriate integration is imperative in these first few weeks in a new and uncharted atmosphere such as the classroom.

    For the first week of school, please bring in a full set of extra clothing, pull-ups if necessary, a take-home folder to keep at school, some family photographs (can be emailed), and anything else outlined by the Preschool Checklist.  Check the blog every Friday for a summary of our school week and updates for the future! Have a wonderful holiday weekend! 

Yours truly,