Veggie Tales!





Good thing we have so much experience in the gardening department, because we put it to use this week while discussing some fruits and vegetables straight from the farm! This week sure got us in the mindset of our upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, where the corn, carrots, and potatoes are piled high. We have a new appreciation for the farm for producing all these delicious fruits and vegetables, which is definitely something to be thankful for!








As always, arts and crafts stimulates our minds and bodies with meaningful projects set across all different mediums. This week we made corn using paper, ripped up tissue paper, glue and surprise guest cheerios for some added dimension and texture. The Ladybugs loved tearing up the tissue paper themselves to make for mini corn kernel pieces. We also strung hand print carrots below our barn display over the  block center. By the end of the week we were vegetable printing! We saw first hand how different vegetables appear in different formations on the paper. I think out of all the different veggies, broccoli was the biggest hit! It was also interesting the way the lettuce swept across the canvas, like a real paintbrush!




The sensory table was the highlight of our week for many Ladybugs. We couldn’t get enough of the slipping, sliding, and rustling of the seeds through all of the different observational instruments and tools. Measuring cups, teaspoons, scoopers, and funnels were just some things that accompanied the busy barnyard scene. We couldn't forget about the cows, chickens, and farmers too!








Check out some of our play based learning pictures below!








Sensory fun is never ending in preschool. We got a lesson on washing vegetables using sponges and water bins. Might I suggest giving your preschooler extra jobs in the kitchen, I could’t pull them away from this wet and soapy water station!
























We momentarily retired our beans from the sensory table to get some more fun and exploration with them for pattern making. We spent time sorting and creating patterns along zig-zag and squiggly lines for an added challenge. We were totally up for it! This activity really put our fine motor skills to use and enriched our understanding of categorizing. The children were so focused and intent on perfecting these personally crafted patterns!









A digging we will go! We may have planted some real baby carrots back in September with Farmer Fred, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with mock pipe cleaner carrots! We were given shovels, trowels, and a whole lot of soil to uncover the mystery veggie down under. When we were done carrot picking we decided to plant them all over again. It’s amazing how some soil and tools will keep us so busy, we truly are farmers at heart!

It was a delicious and nutritious week getting ready for the Thanksgiving Harvest. Next week we will really put our farm knowledge to the test as we tackle a week in the life of a Farmer. Hope you all enjoy your 3 day Holiday weekend. See you on Monday!

Take Care,