Bring On The Cold!









Hi all! Hope you're fully digested from all that delicious turkey and holiday feasting. We couldn't hold off any longer, it appeared to be unanimous that we couldn't wait for some freezing fun! First thing's first, if we're going to have snowy adventures we need to dress the part!

We put our minds to work during a math mitten match up. This was an excellent opportunity to use our number recognition and counting skills while tuning and developing fine motor. Once we found a match between two mittens we used clothes pins and paper clips to secure them together. That was only half the fun!




On the craft front, we were busy designing and pasting together our mitten/hat combos. We had a variety of materials that made them all so different and eye catching! They are displayed on our "clothesline" at the front of the room, we are very proud! We also had time to hand craft some special ornaments to add some holiday cheer throughout our school. The watercolor technique is stunning!











In the beginning of the week I told the Ladybugs about my small day trip to Bryant Park in Manhattan. I described the festive pop-up shops, the decadent smells of holiday treats, and of course the happy families and friends circling about the ice skating rink over and over. It was very fitting that we read a funny book about a zamboni machine as well! The children seemed enthralled with the idea of ice skating, I had a few tell me they were going to ask their parents if they could go and try it themselves!  Let's just say magic took it from there! 

                                                          Admissions Booth

                                                          Admissions Booth

                                                               Hot Chocolate Stand

                                                               Hot Chocolate Stand

We are loving this cold (almost) winter weather. we decided to use some Friday free time to engage in a lovely neighborhood walk. Our objective was to find any and all holiday/season related decorations throughout the rows of houses and shops. We compiled a scavenger hunt list and headed out. Something so simple makes us so incredibly happy!

We had a fabulous week welcoming the ever educational December. See you next week for some more snowy fun!