A Farming We Will Go...





Yeehaw! No, we weren't cowboys and cowgirls this week, but we felt like them from time to time while portraying the life of a farmer! This week culminated our down by the barn unit and prepared us for next week's Thanksgiving Harvest! As you can tell, we were all smiles!












The two letters that hosted our Farmer week were "D" and "T". "D" proved to be very prevalent with duckies, doggies, digging, and dirt! We thought ducks would make the perfect craft to enrich our understanding and recognition of the letter. How cute are our fluffy feathered friends?







                                                Tractor tracks are super fun to make!

                                                Tractor tracks are super fun to make!

                         Everyone had their turn practicing the letter "T" on our easel! 

                         Everyone had their turn practicing the letter "T" on our easel! 

We also transformed a letter "T" along with some well known shapes to become a trudging, tremendous tractor! After spending some time getting to know what tractors do and how they're operated, we thought it was fitting to really add some of the grittiness that comes along with these functional pieces of machinery! We harvested "wheat" in our backyard and dug up some sand and dirt to add a nice tactile feature to our creations. We love making art come to life using natural elements!











The alphabet fun never stops. I am so proud and have noticed such improvement in our Ladybugs letter and sound recognition, it's unbelievable! We utilized personal sized chalkboard to play a "show and tell" game where I show them a letter and they tell me all about it. Some friends copied the letter, some friends drew a picture of a beginning sound, and other belted out what it was! This educational and exciting game had them begging me to flip the surprise letter over and over again!



















I may have thrown in a few tricky letters here and there! But of course everyone was able to keep up!








You may have heard your child talking about milking a cow or shearing sheep this week. No, their imaginations haven't run wild, but our classroom has! I brought in some farm friends so we could hold "real-life" demonstrations on what it's like to carry out farmer duties. We set up "Casey the Cow" who had an unusual amount of utters for the children to "milk" into buckets. This was quite a sight for some of us as I was told earlier in the month we could never bring farm animals into our classroom because they would leave droppings everywhere. The children were so entertained by this activity that I couldn't fill up the utters fast enough with the booming requests of "more milk!" At least they can check this off their "bucket" list.







Baa Baa white sheep, have you any wool? Two sheep stumbled into our backyard on Wednesday which was an excellent opportunity to shear some of their fluffy white fleece. We talked all about how the farmer uses tools to collect the sheep's wool and use it for things like clothing. The children already knew this and told me shearing a sheep is just like when they get a haircut! We used Popsicle sticks to trim off the wool and gather it in containers. After all the mess, work, and play, we felt like real sheep shearers!



                                                                                                                      Wishful thinking, but no it's not whipped cream!

                                                                                                                      Wishful thinking, but no it's not whipped cream!









How fitting is it that we actually have a Farmer in our lives? Farmer Fred dropped by do give us some weekly farming tips and supply us with goodies. We did some more veggie stamping with items like corn, okra, mushrooms, broccoli, and peppers. We then went to check on our greenhouse garden and to our surprise our baby carrots were ready to be harvested! They were sooo teeny tiny, but were bursting with sweet flavor. How satisfying to grow our own produce and enjoy it too!




This week's field trip involved some new territory and material. We visited one of our Ladybug parent's graphic design studio where dozens of art pieces were being displayed. This gave us an opportunity to browse the works of art and take in everything they had to offer with their vibrant colors and eliciting emotions. We then created our own artwork using markers, tape, glue, and paper shapes. We are so proud- take a look below!


Our 3 day week coming up will focus on the holiday of Thanksgiving. We are hoping to have a mini feast to show thankfulness and gratitude for our friends here at Ladybug- of course I will keep you posted on that with more details. Enjoy your weekend!