Turning A New Leaf

Happy October everyone! We wasted no time jumping right in (literally) to our new sub unit all about leaves! This is the first venture in our All About Fall series. There are so many amazing cross-cutting concepts that can be exercised by using leaves from every content area including the arts, math, science, and reading! Please "leaf through" our blog to see exactly what we mean!


We decided to get up close and personal with our leaves to stimulate our senses. Upon smelling our freshly fallen friends, almost all of our ladybugs related them to food! Some of our answers were chocolate, strawberries, and vanilla! Sounds like we were ready for lunch at that point. Color observations generated more fitting interpretations which were continuously reinforced throughout our art activities. We dabbled in negative space leaf art, dropper paint onto coffee filters, sponge painting techniques, and leaf Play-Doh molds. We are so proud of our "Autumn Array" pictured below!

During small group math we used seasonally appropriate acorn manipulatives for rote counting. The children were given a magic number in which they had to recognize and then exemplify on their own math mat. It got especially fun when acorns were instructed to be strewn across the scene, and then added up in sequence! We also used our handy pocket chart for more whole group graphing activities. We first engage in a poll and then the students will come up and place their vote. It's always exciting to see which category has the most names!



Conducting science "experiments" at the science center allows us to do what we love, inspect and report! We were able to identify brighter colors, hidden holes, and spiny veins that otherwise blend in to the leaves frame! It was such a new and interesting perspective to see these faded colors illuminated in a setting other than natural sunlight! 









After learning vocabulary, songs, motions, and other aspects of fall, it was only fitting for Farmer Fred to lead us on an educational and exciting field trip to Mazzone Hardware! This allowed us to engage in a nature walk around the neighborhood before reaching our destination. On our walk we saw leaves, pumpkins, fall decor, and felt the cool fall breeze! At the garden center we saw an array of seasonal flowers, more pumpkins, gords, and many other interesting plants! We can't wait to get back out and see the progression of changes as October passes by!

I hope you're hungry because next week we'll have the pleasure of exploring apples! Please feel free to bring in any whole apples for some of the activities we have planned for the week. Please be advised we will be closed Monday October 10th in observance of Columbus Day. We will return on Tuesday October 11th and finish out our very sweet week. Hope you have an unbe-leaf-able 3 day weekend!